Bridging into 2013 – Living Bridges Talk #02 (2012-12-27)



Part 2 (passed)

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On december 27th there will be an online event focusing on social innovation and knowledge platforms.

There will be 2 blocks. First block will be 7-815 pm, and second block 845-1000 pm.
[Local time = CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm) = UTC+1; check etc if insecure]


Block 1) 0700-0815

Tia Carr – Co-founder at RelationshipMangagementInstitute, Cahootify and consultant on US

After a twenty five year background in personnel and recruitment, Tia has worked for ten years at the rock face of emergent social media. Her expertise in interpersonal relationship building serves her well in translating the medium of the web into a powerful engine for creating, managing and maintaining social and professional networks and communities. The convergence of technologies and human communications are instrumental in determining how people share knowledge and expertise in the workplace as well as socially, and Tias passion is assisting the transition and transformation of both to optimum benefit. She work with business leaders, professional teams and communities of practice to help them collaborate productively and reveal knowledge collateral for business innovation.

Rafael Reinehr – Founder – Coolmeia – Brasil

Coolmeia, Ideas in Cooperation is a “think-and-do-tank” designed to address and solve by mutual aid and free cooperation the main problems of humanity. It´s a network that organizes itself in an autonomous and horizontal way, working to build Social Capital and Common Good by finding, sharing, discussing and improving knowledge, attitudes and solutions to be implemented by individuals or groups of people in their homes, institutions, collectives or communities, aiming to bring just and true benefit to as much of the humanity that is possible.

Paul Privateer – Founder – US™ is a virtual space that transforms the internet into a social capital engine to facilitiate the building or enhancement of communities needing social capital. As the first dotcommunity™, allows gobal users to share and profit from their ideas, knowledge, expertise and entrepreneurial creativity. It invites users to form virtual, knowledge-based communities formed on the basis of either individual interests, hobbies, research work orentrepreneurial inventiveness or on community information and resource needs. The tool, in essence, unleashes restricted information to form social capital.
Nilton Lessa – Co-founder Molegue de Ideias – Brasil

Nilton Lessa is a software engineer and one of the founders of Moleque de Ideias. Nilton has been working, researching and consulting about open, distributed and self-regulated learning-productive environments for more than a decade. Around the specific subject of software platforms, is the co-author with Augusto de Franco of “Learning platforms: what they should be” (Portuguese version).

Benjamin Tincq is a co-founder of – France

a global community of entrepreneurs, designers, hackers, researchers and citizens working to accelerate the shift to a Collaborative Economy. Our goal is to explore, connect and promote ideas, people and projects that contribute to the big transition to a new social and economic paradigm that is emerging right now, thanks to the internet.”


Block 2: 0845-1000 pm

Pedro Reis: Co-Founder Silo – Portugal

We work with people and organizations that want to bring great ideas to life, that have bigger problems to solve, that need good things to happen. We focus on finding better ways to take on ideas, and use the potential of teams to bring them to realization. Silo is creative collaboration.

Hildy Gottlieb – Co-founder of Creating the Future – US

Creating the Future is a living laboratory for accelerating social change. Our goal is that all social change efforts will, once and for all, be accomplished. Our work is rooted in 2 questions:
1) What really creates positive social change?
2) How can social change efforts infuse those effective frameworks into all their work, so they create the future they want to see?

Jasmine Idun Tova Lyman – Founder

Currently producing DIY Days Gothenburg February 2nd 2013 at Gothenburg Film Studios, , together with the knowledgesharing site and digital book DIY Days is a free gathering for those who create and a catalyst for peoples projects and glocal initiatives. The concept was founded in 2007 by filmmaker Lance Weiler, named one of the 18 who changed Hollywood, as a grassroots initiative in order to fuel creative sustainability for innovators in the arts. It is attended by a mix of storytellers, filmmakers, artists, hackers, game developers, educators, scientists, architects, musicians, designers… who come together for a day of experimentation and inspiration – one where like minds connect across disciplines and media.


2020 Ecopreneurs by 2020, curiosity + tribal leadership

Bridging some thoughts first
I got up early to watch the landing of the NASA vehicle “curiositylive. Actually I have my reservations to spend so much money in space missions while the urgent challenges on our precious planet Earth wait for our collective action. But watching the cheering of the team made clear that this thing is connected to the issue of social capital, creating collaborative culture – and how the impossible is made possible when there is a unifying vision! And let me associate with the name of that vehicle another thought: Curiosity is a source and virtue of the folks bridging networks and domains, bravely jumping between huge gaps – what do you think?

Land Use and Green Advocacy Revolution. 2020 Ecopreneurs by 2020 (ning community)
I could not wait to add this project to our newly created link list on Google drive: (= Living Bridges link list). – Please add your best links related to projects, social capital practice and especially bridging here anywhere and anytime: – in just 5 seconds, no registration required.

Five stages of tribal leadership
Most of you know Logan’s TED talk – if not, then please watch instantly! I want to share with you that great graphics, that I found on the ENPRAXIS LUGAR PROJECT community site. All the best for you folks! – And you, dear user, feel free to download this graphics as a screen background delivering essential wisdom 🙂

5 Stages Of Tribal Leadership (, (c) Tribal Leadership: Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright

(posted, fully responsible: Willi)