Living Bridges Talk #04 (2013-03-05) – hello OpenU West Africa, Egypt, India!


Leila País de Miranda and Joachim Lohkamp talking inter alia with Jay Cousins, Joy Lohmann and with Francis Okeke and the Community Manager of the Open University of West Africa.

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With a digital mindset there comes the Living Bridges attitude

The digital will not go away – Easily adapt with Thomas Power’s wisdom

With the rising (social) connectedness we are inevitably redesigning our thinking and behavior. As happened in industrialisation, now transformation is happening to deal with the “big connectification”, resulting in the network society (Manuel Castells). We have to adapt as an individual, a consumer, a leader, a (social) entrepreneur, a teacher …). Listen to Thomas Power’s great talk!

Thomas Power confesses in the talk that he needed 11 years to switch from old school to new school mindset. Good news: You can be on his shoulders!

  • Old mindset: CSC = closed, selective, controlling
    (you will just fail with this one in the world of today and tomorrow)
  • New mindset: ORS = being open, random and supportive
    (what works in our hyper speed connected world)

Thank you Bert-Ola Bergstrand for sharing great stuff like this with me, personally you are my “ORS role model”.